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Colour Like No Other

Date posted: 04.01.2007

Sony introduces their new Bravia LCD and SXRD range with a splash – of colour.

A crew of 250 descended on Glasgow in July 2006 to film the infamous commercial that is currently being played on the small and silver screen alike.

It was directed by award-winning director Jonathan Glazer. His credits include videos for bands such as Jamiroquai and Radiohead, adverts for the Guinness and Stella Artois brands, and the feature films Birth and Sexy Beast.

Eugene Strange of Salt Film talks about his experience of the shoot:

"I got a call in March 2006 asking me to try and find a disused housing estate to use as a location for the new Sony Bravia commercial. This film would feature thousands of litres of 'paint' being exploded onto, and from, a graphic looking 60s or 70s estate. 

My first action was to call Film London and send a blanket email to all London boroughs to find out if any council housing was being demolished over the next few months. We needed housing stock that would be demolished because we were covering it in paint and also using explosives so it needed to be empty. 

Firstly we had to test the apparatus to see if it could fire the paint and what height and spread it would give. This had never been done before so throughout the research process we were learning all the time. 

We discovered a block in Islington that was almost empty and was up for being covered in paint. We spent two days there in March firing paint from tubes up the side of it, much to the bemusement of the locals. It didn't go as smoothly as we would have liked, but there was enough potential to continue with the testing. 

The paint we were using wasn't really paint, but a mixture of water, methacyl (a food thickener found in soups) and coloured pigment, all non-toxic.

We discovered another testing site in Leyton - St. Katherine's Tower. This time the block was similar to our requirements, 24 storey’s high and due to be pulled down. In May, however, the search went nationwide and the job was finally completed on an estate in Glasgow.

We had to get the demolition company on side, befriend 600 residents, the police, the fire service, H&S, and the Environmental Agency - all of whom were extremely accommodating.

Filming went well, if not slowly and we completed the commercial in 9 days. 99% of the action you see in the film was shot for real, with every scene being one take only. The build up to turnover on each scene was the most tense I've ever experienced on a set.

Glasgow's weather was as expected and we spent hours, necks craned upwards, waiting for a chink of sunlight in the clouds. Once filming had finished a large clear up operation was undertaken, clearing all the pathways and public areas. Luckily we didn't need to clean the towers, and they remain to this day a painted technicolour in memory of a strange summer."

Sony’s simple message is that the colour you'll see on their TV screens will be 'like no other'. Find out more about the filming of this commercial on the official website:

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