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Portable Film Festival 2007

Date posted: 16.08.2007

The Portable Film Festival works in the same way as other film festivals, but with a noticeable difference: it's delivered completely online and distributed through portable video devices such as iPods, mobile phones and laptops.

The annual online event is in its second year and presents the best international short film, animation, online serials, user created video and music videos.

The emergence of the Portable Film Festival reflects the global democratisation of film-making and viewing processes, thanks to advances in technology. You no longer need specialist equipment and resources to play a role. This also means that there are no restrictions placed on where films are shown and who gets to view them.

By visiting the festival website, each viewer gets a unique experience. They are able to curate what they want to download and recommend films to others. Viewers vote online to influence the winning films which will be announced in September.

There are 150 short films and videos across 5 categories:

  • Short film
  • Music video
  • Look at me
  • First hand capture
  • Media achiever

Last year 700 entries were received from around the world.

For more information on the festival, or to create your own user account and take part, please visit the Portable Film Festival website.

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