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Flood on Our Hands

Date posted: 14.08.2007

As the south east of England has recently been deluged by rainfall, the latest disaster movie, Flood, touches upon the very current issue of climate change.

The film is based on a novel written by Richard Doyle in 2003. He came up with the idea after reading an article on global warming.

Flood depicts a freak fictional 25 metre wave sweeping up the Thames Estuary, overwhelming the Thames Barrier and consequently flooding London. It was shot over 11 weeks last year and features Robert Carlyle (28 Weeks Later), who plays an engineering chief (Rob Morrison).  The film also stars Poirot's David Suchet and screen and stage actor Tom Courtenay.

The production approached Film London at an early stage of development. We arranged recces for the director (Tony Mitchell) and production designer (Jonathan Lee), taking them to key London locations including Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, London Underground and Docklands Light Railway.

They were very impressed with what could potentially be achieved and realised that London was best suited to accommodate their needs. We retained contact with the production throughout the entire filming process, whilst liaising with other key agencies such as the Environment Agency and Thames Barrier.

Lionsgate, the distributors for Flood, and the Environment Agency also worked together to highlight the actions that people can take in the face of real-life flood events and to reassure London of the Thames Barrier’s efficiency. In reality, a team of Environment Agency engineers and operations staff at the Thames Barrier work continuously to ensure that this type of scenario remains firm fiction.

Flood is due for release on 24 August. Find out more about the film on the official website.

Anyone who is concerned about property flooding can sign up to Floodline on 0845 988 1188 to received personalised warnings for their area. There is also further information on the Environment Agency’s website.

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