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Image of Golden Jubilee Bridges

Golden Jubilee Bridges in Breaking & Entering

Date posted: 01.11.2006

From Academy Award®-winning director Anthony Minghella, Breaking & Entering hits cinema screens on 10 November (released nationwide by Buena Vista).

His latest London-shot movie is set predominantly in King's Cross and Camden, but scenes were also lensed by the river, taking in locations such as the Golden Jubilee Bridges.

Breaking & Entering is a contemporary drama which follows the story of Will Francis (Jude Law). He is a partner in a thriving landscape architecture firm which he runs with his partner Sandy (Martin Freeman).

Professionally things are going well, but his home life with girlfriend Liv, (Robin Wright Penn) and her troubled daughter Bea, is unsettled. His routine-based life is turned upside-down when his office is burgled. This act of thievery leads him into the arms of another woman, Amira (Juliette Binoche), causing Will to re-evaluate his life.

One of the crucial scenes, which see's Will straying from the path of monogamy, is shot on the Golden Jubilee Bridges. This spectacular recent addition to the Thames skyline offers views of some of London's most iconic landmarks such as the Palace of Westminster and the London Eye.

The symmetrical bridges, suspended by cables from eye-catching steel pylons, run either side of the Hungerford railway bridge in the heart of London.

At night the award-winning lighting creates a glittery effect linking the bright lights of the West End with the arts quarter that stretches from the South Bank Centre, past the Royal National Theatre and National Film Theatre to Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe.

Although the bridge crosses two boroughs, Westminster is responsible for granting filming permissions for the whole bridge:

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