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Image of Tredegar Square

Tredegar Square in The Line of Beauty

Date posted: 01.06.2006

The Line of Beauty is a story of love, class, sex and money set in the Thatcherite Eighties. Many locations were required to reflect this era and Tredegar Square was used for some of the exterior scenes. This major three-part drama screened on BBC Two over May and June.

Framed by the two General Elections which returned Mrs Thatcher to power, The Line of Beauty is set over four extraordinary years of change and tragedy.

The story was adapted from Alan Hollinghurst's novel by award-winning writer Andrew Davies - a richly textured coming-of-age story set in London during a ruthless decade. Saul Dibb took the helm as director. He has previously been credited as Most Promising Newcomer for his Hackney-based debut feature, Bullet Boy.

The Line of Beauty charts the relationship between Nick Guest, a gay, middle-class boy with a passion for Henry James, and the Feddens, a rich Tory family from Notting Hill.

The interiors for the Feddens' House were actually shot in Notting Hill, but part of the exterior had to be mocked up.

"There's a very good street [Tredegar Square] in the East End that looks very Notting Hill, all white stucco. It's a square that you can lock off the whole top side of. The residents are absolutely lovely, and it's got a garden square in the middle. I personally think it's very believable as Notting Hill. Maybe we shouldn't be telling anyone it isn't!". Patrick Schweitzer, Location Manager.

Tredegar Square is a well-preserved Georgian square in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Four-storey terraced properties surround the central gardens. The south and west sides of the Square were completed in the 1830s, and the entire square by 1847.

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