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Young Film-makers See the Light

Date posted: 14.12.2006

Four groups of over 100 budding young film-makers from across the capital have been awarded thousands of pounds of funding. The awards are through a First Light Movies initiative to produce an array of short digital films.

First Light Movies is a nationwide organisation that helps young people, aged between five and 18, get involved in film-making. To fund projects First Light Movies distributes £1.1 million of National Lottery money, through UK Film Council funding, each year.

Young people are placed at the heart of the creative process and as a result all the ideas must come directly from the young people. They will be involved with every aspect of the production process from drawing the storyboards and writing the scripts to directing and lighting the films.

The following projects have received awards:

  • Churchill Gardens Youth Club / The Cardinal Hume Centre
    Award: £16,000

    Inventive youngsters aged between 13 and 18, who provide care for homeless people under the age of 25, have secured funding to make two films. The young people, who are from economically deprived backgrounds, will drawn from their own experiences to produce two documentaries looking at bullying and temporary accommodation.
  • The Crib Youth Club
    Award: £4,000

    Nine young women aged between 16 and 18 will work with the media production group, Hi8us South, to produce a comedy film charting the girls’ journey from Hackney to Hampstead satirising themselves and other stereotypical views of youth culture along the way.
  • Bow Youth Action UK / Swanlea School / Popular Film Academy / Ragged School Museum
    Award: £20,000

    Polkadotsonraindrops, who facilitate digital educational projects, are working with nearly 40 young 13 to 18-year-olds to produce four documentaries focussing on mental health issues, immigration and harsh living conditions. 
  • Exposure Organisation
    Award: £4,000

    Drawing from their own experiences, 40 young people aged between 14 and 18, will create a film that tackles the difficult subject of immigration.

The films, all made using low-cost digital equipment, could also be featured at next year’s First Light Movies Awards, an annual star-studded celebration of the best in young people’s film-making held in London.

Find out more on the First Light Movies website.

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