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Marylebone Station in Separate Lies

Date posted: 01.10.2005

Written and directed by Oscar winner Julian Fellowes, Separate Lies stars Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson and Rupert Everett. Separate Lies will be released in North America on 16 September, but will receive its UK premiere at The Times BFI London Film Festival on 24 October. It has been selected as the prestigious Mayor's Gala Screening.

Many London locations were used for this feature, including the wonderfully constructed Marylebone Station.

The £5 million production marks Fellowes' directorial debut. The film is based on the novel "A Way Through the Wood" by Nigel Balchin and tells the story of an apparently perfect marriage which hits the rocks when a third party enters the picture.

Separate Lies is an observation on love, deceit and acceptance. Fellowes has made a truly adult film - not just because of its content or themes, but also through the real drama that often lies in the accepted and unspoken realms of life.

The station concourse, the station platform and a moving train were all used for the sequence set in Marylebone Station.

The origins of the Chiltern line itself stretch back more than 100 years to 15 March 1899 when Marylebone Station first opened to passenger trains. Looking today at the splendid architecture, specialist retail outlets and modern facilities which together make up the very unique character of Marylebone station, it's hard to believe that this historic place once faced the threat of closure - a victim of early 20th century war-time under-investment.

However, due in no small part to the advent of rail privatisation, which has encouraged partnership between Network Rail and Chiltern Railways, an investment of around £1.7 million has enabled the station facilities to be enhanced. The result is a pleasant environment - one of the most civilised terminals in London - bringing benefit to almost 30,000 people who use it each day.

It is a 4 platform station concourse and was the last mainline terminus to be built in London. Modest in scale, simple and unpretentious, Marylebone is primarily a commuter station and therefore has great potential for film-makers.

For filming enquiries at Marylebone Station please call 020 7333 3014 or email

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