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Image of location Underground tube station

London Underground in Creep

Date posted: 01.02.2005

Creep follows the story of Kate, a late night reveller that gets locked into the London Underground after falling asleep on the tube platform.

She wakes from her slumber to realise the last train has gone, the gates are locked and she is all alone - or is she?

Christopher Smith's Creep has all the makings of a classic horror film. Bloodcurdling screams echo through the passageways and trails of blood are found spattered sporadically on the floor. And with the London Underground, Smith has hit upon the perfect setting for a scary movie. Places which are usually so full of life become terrifyingly creepy when that life vacates. This innocuous location is transformed into a brightly-lit, white-tiled prison.

Smaith was quoted saying: "People are always fascinated by what lies beneath, particularly in London. We don't really know what's below us. There's so much history beneath our feet. The great thing about the tube as a location is that you're completely isolated from the outside world." *

London's Underground provides a unique and instantly recognisable backdrop for filmmakers and photographers. Its stations and trains are an integral part of London.

Stretching 26 miles out from the centre of town, it is almost a rural railway in places, yet it pulses with life in the West End. And it's not all underground either - some lines thread their way through the city well above ground into London's countryside. 

For all filming enquiries on the London Underground please contact the LU Film Office on 020 7918 0003 or email

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