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Image of Hackney Marshes

Hackney Marshes in Bullet Boy

Date posted: 01.04.2005

Bullet Boy is the product of first time feature director Saul Dibb.

It is a gritty and authentic look at life on the streets of London. Distributor Verve Pictures has been previewing Bullet Boy since March, although it is officially released on 08 April.

Verve are hoping to build on the positive reviews the film received after being premiered at last November's London Film Festival. Ashley Walters, best known as rapper Asher D with music act So Solid Crew, has already earned a Best Newcomer Award at the British Independent Film Awards.

Bullet Boy tells the story of two brothers growing up in one of London's most volatile neighbourhoods, where a minor street clash escalates into a cycle of violence that has tragic repercussions. After his release from a young offenders institution, Ricky (Ashley Walters) decides it's time to go straight. Once he's back on the streets of Hackney, however, he finds it harder than he expected. The film explores themes of friendship, rivalry and revenge amid a generation of boys to whom guns have become a fact of life.

To capture the tones and textures of a particular world, shooting took place primarily in one location in East London. 'I wanted the film to look distinctive and not what the audience might expect from this subject matter.' says director Saul Dibb.

'I tried to film everything within a square mile, so it would create a strong sense of place. The story emanates out of the situations that the characters find themselves in at settings such as the ice rink, the marshes and the housing estates, which are all within a mile of each other.'

Hackney Marshes was reclaimed after the area was razed to the ground during the Second World War. Ever since then the region has been used as a recreation ground for music events, socialising and sport. Amenities include football, cricket, hockey and rugby pitches as well as a wildlife and conservation area. 

For further information about Hackney Marshes please contact Felicity Jump, the Borough Film Officer for Hackney on 020 8356 3541 or email

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