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Image of film still Thunderbirds

Tower Bridge in Thunderbirds

Date posted: 01.07.2004

Tower Bridge scored a first during the filming of Thunderbirds.

The bridge was opened for a 'Flying Pictures' Helicopter to pass underneath. This was the first time a helicopter has ever passed under the bridge for filming purposes, and if folklore is to be believed it was the first time in over 40 years that a helicopter has ever passed under the bridge.

This feat was made possible with the permission and co-operation of many agencies and organisations, including The Tower Bridge Experience and The Port of London Authority, who among other things were able to close the Thames to river traffic in the immediate vicinity, for short periods of time, whilst filming was taking place.

Thunderbirds location manager, Emma Pill, said: 'Right from the start, Tower Bridge Experience, The Port of London Authority, City Police and The Corporation of London were enthusiastic, co-operative and fully supportive to ensure the shoot went without a hitch, and were even able to offer us an alternative date if the weather wasn't right for the helicopter to fly on the scheduled filming day...' 

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