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Microschool is our innovative and unique film development programme, designed specifically for filmmakers taking their first features into production.

The key objective of Microschool is to support the most exciting emerging talent as they develop their project, with in-depth training that covers all aspects of the filmmaking process.

Across an intense five-day period the filmmaking teams work closely with leading industry mentors, and take part in training activities that cross the full spectrum of the industry.

These typically include sessions on pitching, fundamentals of story and script development, emboldening of vision, optimising physical production on a limited budget, working with actors, understanding audiences, and market positioning. 

Each team is assigned a specialist producer, director, and script mentor, with whom they will work closely through the week to explore the full potential of their projects.

Through a series of intensive development and production meetings, the filmmakers receive expert guidance on how to best realise their creative ambitions, as well gain a better understanding of how their film can stand out and find an audience in a crowded cinematic landscape.

Originally only available to teams who were shortlisted for Microwave in the UK, Microschool has proven so effective that we have expanded its scope to filmmakers worldwide with Microwave International.




"Microschool gave us five days of industry insight, workshops and the opportunity to test and reinvent our project in a genuinely supportive environment. With the help of our razor sharp mentors, our project has evolved from its initial conception into something more ambitious and complex. The entire process has been intense, invigorating and invaluable."

Jo Allan, Microschool January 2015

"Microschool reinforced the need for us to identify our audience and then effectively communicate our film to them."

Yaw Basoah and Faye Gilbert, Microschool January 2015

"The biggest lesson learnt from Microwave was a simple but powerful one. It is crucial to explore every angle of a story."

Merlin Merton, Microschool January 2015

"The process allowed us to develop our voice and focus on the fundamentals of story and structure at the same time as encouraging our ambitions in a creative way. We can't wait to get started on the next phase of development."

Hugo Godwin, Microschool January 2015 

"[Our mentor's] advice really made us focus our efforts on the script and think about how to realise it on the budget available. Having the opportunity of developing Butterfly Kisses with such highly experienced mentors was a dream come true."

David Braithwaite, Microschool January 2015

"Here the engagement is direct, the feedback free-flowing, and with every minute in [my mentor's] presence I feel the project and my own self raised to a whole other level of performance."

Ashish Ghadiali, Microschool India

"This is storytelling bootcamp. The days are packed and the mentors are relentless. They ask us the difficult questions we want to avoid, they do not provide all the answers and they challenge us to think hard about the essence, the core - the actual story we want to tell. These first two days have been way better than film school ever was, and more insightful than any screenwriting class I've ever taken."

Bornila Chatterjee, Microschool India

"The entire development process is accelerated, and it's inspiring to see the huge development leaps - which would normally take months of agonising and debate - be made with total focus in 24 hours."

Andrea Calderwood, producer mentor at Microschool India

"[Our mentor's] advice to tear away the dialogue and make it a visual experience is totally what I think this should be about. Making it feasible but keeping the creative energy burning."

Participant, Microschool Malta

"They asked us to strip down the lines to the bare minimum. It made our scene so much more powerful. I will remember that throughout all my future work."

Participant, Microschool Malta

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“It's inspiring to see the huge development leaps - which would normally take months of agonising and debate - be made with total focus in 24 hours.”
Andrea Calderwood, producer (A Most Wanted Man, The Last King of Scotland)

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