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Filming in London

Filming in London


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Set on a 17 acre site, Londoneast-uk offers a unique location filming opportunity. Formerly a global pharmaceutical research centre, much of the equipment and facilities remain and are available to productions. There is around 450,000 sq ft of business space providing ample production office and filming options. Sections of the site have a futuristic feel and can double for an airport, hospital or school, while the labs and research sections offer unrivalled location possibilities.

The site has only recently become available to the film industry, but many productions have already taken advantage of the outstanding facilities. Television dramaCode of a Killer, which followed the true story of the discovery of DNA fingerprinting, used the site for laboratory scenes as well as police headquarters. Scenes from feature film The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Channel Four's Humanswere both shot on location, while more recently the site has hosted fantasy-horror feature Patient Zero and television crime drama New Blood.

The site is easily accessible being just minutes away from Dagenham East station, and has parking space for over 600 vehicles.

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