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Short Films: London Calling

Short Films: London Calling

2014 London Calling slate

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A schoolgirl with amnesia wakes to a deadly ultimatum. Will she get to the library in time to avoid disembowelment?

11 Minutes 26 Seconds

How long does it take to disappear?

Across Still Water

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A story of friendship and loss as a young man faces a world of imminent darkness. A documentary.

Ahmed and Mildred

A superhero themed journey into the imagination of two young infants as they experience love at first sight.


A lonely young girl trapped in a broken family escapes her reality by finding love in an educational baby doll.

Balsa Wood

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Sunday lunch with the Filipino family proves taxing when you feel more out of water than the mounted sea bass in the lounge.


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A 65 year old beachcomber is forced to search for more than just treasure amongst the stones and pebbles of Brighton Beach.


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1999, Naseem gives school and home the slip to attend his first daytime rave.


Chen is forced to move in with his estranged son Tian. When he discovers that he is going to become a grandparent, he tries to reconnect.


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Sometimes you’re better off without the truth

Hollow Road

When a family’s drive to a remote cottage is disrupted by a dangerous hitcher a young boy sneaks back into the woods – to help, or hunt the man down?

Next Time

Next time we'll stay longer.

Prick Thy Neighbour

Can an incontinent cat, roses and a bit of mischief bring about love's late bloom?


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A widowed mother struggling to cope with her daughter’s dark secret is offered help by a mysterious doctor.

Satan Has a Bushy Tail

A wickedly fun, charming buddy comedy about grandparents, bereavement and a demonic squirrel.

Shadow Man

Newly arrived in the UK, a young African man’s attempts to become British take an unexpected turn.

Some Candid Observations on the Eve of the End of the World

Tristan's certain the alien invasion will happen by teatime. Not much time to sort his life out.


Convinced his dad is a spy, Luke embarks on a journey that leads him to discover the awkward truth.

Terminally Happy

In order to remember, you first need to forget.

The Top Ten Reasons I'm Amazing

A young boy and his friend tell stories to impress on their walk home from school.

Three Brothers

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Hamid struggles to care for his younger brothers when their father abandons them for Pakistan. Based on true events.



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A young man and woman, both suffering from PTSD, share a moment’s respite from their symptoms on the London Underground.

Two Dosas

Geeky Pavan takes his 'English Rose' on a date to the most authentic Indian restaurant in the city. To his horror she goes off-menu, in Hindi...

Two Seas

Denied the future she dreams of, a teenage girl runs away to sea.

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