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1.   How can I join the Equal Access Network (EAN)?
If you are looking to join the EAN and are looking to come to our courses, masterclasses and to hear about industry jobs, please send an email to or click on this link:

2.   Why should I join the EAN?
If you are a new entrant looking to get in to the industry, a mid level professional looking for advice or a Returner looking to come back, you should join the EAN to get access to our masterclasses and other training and job opportunities.

3. Why should I join the EAN Masterclasses and Events?
They offer a chance to network with your peers, hear from experienced industry professionals with varied career journeys that can provide inspiration and advice and answer any questions you might have.

4.   Can the EAN help get my script commissioned?
No, we are not a funding body so we are not here to help you get your projects made. However, if you want to hear from professionals about how they got in to the business and what they do to get their projects made, then you should join.

5.   Can I pitch to your speakers at your masterclasses?
No, this is an opportunity to hear from top industry speakers share their experience and tips with you, so please do not use this as an opportunity to pitch to them.

6.   Can you help me get access to jobs and internships?
Yes, companies ask us to advertise jobs so we send this out to the EAN members.

7.   Are the roles advertised paid?
Yes, every job or internship that we advertise is paid. 

8.   Do I need to pay to join the EAN?
No, it is free to join.

9. I am a company. How can we support the EAN?

You can sign up as a EAN company partner. We ask companies to work with us in the following ways- be a speaker at a masterclass, advertise their jobs/internships/returnships with us or work with us in a bespoke way. Please email for more information.

10. I am a Training provider/charity/foundation. Can I join the EAN?
Yes, you can join up as a EAN training partners. We work with EAN training partners across London and 

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