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Get Off My Land

About the film

A Londoner comes up against the epitome of landowning aristocracy when she buys a rundown cottage deep in the English countryside. The owner of the nearby stately home wants the cottage for himself and was unaware it was for sale, but his initial attempts to persuade her to sell it are unsuccessful. So he turns threatening. But the young woman, emboldened by the presence of her friends over a long weekend, steadfastly refuses and calls the police on him instead. He is arrested and stripped of his gun licence. A keen shooter, he decides to go hunting one last time. But this time he's hunting Londoners. 

From the director

"At the centre of the film is a massive hunt across the English countryside for a group of Londoners who are not very good at surviving in the wild by a landowner who, it turns out, is not particularly good at hunting. But as with all the best genre films, it's really about more than just an exciting chase and killing people in unusual and unpleasant ways. At its heart, Get Off My Land is an exploration of two very different ideas of national identity and in particular what it is to be English, who gets to decide and why. By turns funny, thrilling and full of jumps, the film is also about showcasing a new generation of talented young actors." 

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Meet the team


Writer/Director Douglas Ray

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Douglas is a graduate of the UK’s National Film & Television School. After working as an assistant on feature films to directors including Brian Gilbert and Ken Loach he began directing commercials and short films. His short film Get Off My Land, starring Rafe Spall and Ruth Wilson, explores similar themes to Down from London and has screened around the world. His micro-budget debut feature film, Swansong, co-produced by Louise Palmkvist, was nominated for Best UK Feature at Raindance 2015 and Best Actress at the 2016 Irish Film & Television Awards. His latest short film, The Swing of It, starring Phil Davis and Amanda Donohoe, was produced by Louise Palmkvist and premiered at the BFI London Film Festival in 2016.



Producer Louise Palmkvist


Louise began her career at Danish production company Zentropa Productions, home to Lars von Trier, where she worked on a number of film productions for some of Denmark’s most respected filmmakers. After studying fine arts in Paris, she moved to London and worked for a number of production companies, including Finite Films and TV. Most recently, Louise co-produced her first feature film, Swansong, written and directed by Douglas Ray. The film was nominated for best UK feature at Raindance 2015, and lead actress Eva Birthistle was nominated for an IFTA 2016. Louise has just produced a micro-budget feature film, 90 Minutes, written and directed by Simon Baker (debut feature, Night Bus), which is in post-production. Her short film, The Swing of It, directed by Douglas Ray, premiered at BFI London Film Festival in 2016. 



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