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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do I apply?

A: There are three ways to apply to London Calling (depending on which London borough you live in) and one application form for London Calling Plus. All must be applied for online. The guidelines explain what information you need to enter and what documents you need to upload. 

Under each fund outlined, there is a link to use if you're starting a new application, and one to return to a previously started application. You can also bookmark your application to return to it directly without having to visit our website.

Apply here

Q: I'm not sure what borough I live in. How do I find out?

 A: Enter your full post code into Directgov, and it will tell you the name of your borough.

Q: I don't know my full postcode, how can I find out what it is?

A: Use the Post Office postcode finder

Q: I'm a writer/director/producer looking for a team, can you help me?

Sure! We've set up a Facebook group to help you build your dream team. Join Film London Talent Connect

Q: Why is the London Calling Plus budget higher than London Calling?

A: London Calling is for new filmmakers who haven't yet gained significant success or traction on the shorts scene, who want to make a short that will enable them to do so. London Calling Plus is for filmmakers who have already had some success with short films (or a related art form), who need to make a higher impact short that will prepare them for longer form, or higher budget work. The budgets are different because the levels are different. 

London Calling is open to all filmmakers, regardless of ethnic backgroud. BAME filmmakers who have not yet reached the criteria to qualify for London Calling Plus are strongly encouraged to apply to London Calling, which is open to everybody. 

Q: Why is London Calling Plus only for Black and Asian Minority Ethnic writers and directors?

A: After years of playing on an uneven playing field, BAME filmmakers need and deserve some extra support to help them level up in the industry, so this scheme is exclusively for this group. 

Q: How do I qualify as a BAME filmmaker? 

A: London Calling and London Calling Plus champion London's underrepresented minority voices. For London Calling Plus the producer, who may be the applicant, does not have to be from an ethnic minority background but all writers and directors on the project must be. For 2017/18 we seek filmmakers from the following backgrounds: 

  • British Asian
  • Indian
  • Pakistani
  • Bangladeshi
  • Chinese
  • Any other Asian background
  • Black British
  • African
  • Caribbean
  • Any other Black African Caribbean background
  • White and Black Caribbean
  • White and Black African
  • White and Asian
  • Arab
  • White and Arab
  • Multiple ethnic background 

Q: How do I know if I'm eligible for London Calling Plus with regard to track record?

A: London Calling Plus applicants should have some track record or success with stroytelling, either in short film, theatre, radio or television and be looking for film industry recognition. 

Filmmakers with a track record in short film should have made a short which has received significant national or international selections or awards or been accepted or recognised by an official training scheme or shorts funding body. Writers and directors coming from theatre, radio or TV should be able to demonstrate significant track record or recognised storytelling achievement in that arena. Applicants who have written or directed a feature film that has been officially distributed will not qualify. If you identify as BAME but don't yet have a track record in a visual storytelling medium, London Calling is for you! 

Applicants who have written or directed a feature film that has been officially distributed will not qualify. If you identify as BAME but don't yet have a track record in a visual storytelling medium, London Calling is for you! 

Q: Why is the time limit for London Calling 10 minutes? I thought it used to be 15?

A: Yes, it used to be 15 minutes for London Calling. It still is 15 for London Calling Plus, but we've decided to make it shorter this year for London Calling. We want our filmmakers and their films to do as well as possible, and it's easier for shorter films to do better: 


  • Shorter films fit into festival programs more easily 
  • It's easier for shorter films to get more views online 
  • Small budgets don't have to stretch quite so far
  • It's easier to get good people to work on your film if it's shorter 
  • Tight storytelling is a very important skill that we want to strongly encourage


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