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Short Films: London Calling

Short Films: London Calling

2015 London Calling slate

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160 Characters

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When a vintage Nokia is recharged, a compelling real life story is revealed, in this mixed media documentary.


Out of prison, 19-year-old Niamh returns to her baby girl, only to face bad blood with her own mum. 


In a neighbourhood rife with racial tension, a local girl falls for a recent arrival.

Big Dog

An unusual parolee connects with an abused dog under the waxing moon.


An Irish Traveller becomes increasingly concerned with his nine-year-old son’s femininity and sets about toughening him up.

Chick or Treat

Full film available
On their last epic Halloween together these teens are on the hunt for very different types of treat.


Science obsessed Drew comes up with an inventive way to find his single mother a new partner.

City Lights

A romantic comedy in which the night security guard for a city office tower finds a unique way to attract the attention of a cleaner in the opposite tower


An encounter in an unfamiliar environment challenges the identity of a volatile teenage boy.

The Girl in the Dress

Just hours before the wedding, Emily happens upon a living statue of Henry VIII. Is it a bad sign? 

Girl Like You

A young woman on the cusp of sexual exploration learns she must live and love on her own terms.

I Used to be Famous

A former boy band member and a musically talented man with autism who are drawn together by the power of music.


Russell and Waylen jack a car. The wrong car. Will they do the right thing?

Japanese Samurai Sword

Exploring Vietnamese gang culture in London, this film follows 16-year-old Thao as he is faced with his first challenge in his older brother's gang.

The Lights

An electrician answers a night-time call out and is drawn into the bizarre world of a man haunted by Christmas.

Little Soldier

A dark drama about the power of one girl’s imagination to change her own world.

Love in a Time of Death

London is battling a deadly virus, but how can you find love in a world where people are too paranoid to touch. 

The Monster

When an iconic monster falls in love with his leading lady on the set of a modern day slasher movie, the cast and crew learn what horror truly is…

Rainbow Party

Popularity sucks.

Suburban Dracula

A comedy about a young man desperately wanting his best friend's sister. But what to do? Become Dracula of course. 


Jacob is unable to express his emotions. When he's paired with Dannielle in Life drawing class this is put to the test.

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