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2013 London Calling slate

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The final shift between a pregnant carer and a patient.


A young woman tries to control her state of mind.


Revenge is a dish best served underarm.


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A tragic event brings a teenage boy closer to his father.

Going Under

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The dentist will see you now.

I Don't Care

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A mum to be's friendship with a young girl helps her face the unknown.

In My Own Wor(l)ds

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Perfection, beauty, colour...chaos! Just another day in the life of an unusal superhero.

Little Ones

A short documentary capturing a transformative trip undertaken by two young mothers.

Mr. Torquay's Holiday

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An isolated computer game obsessed man is the last to know the end of the world is actually nigh.

On The Bridge

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A chance encounter on Waterloo Bridge changes the course of two lives in this tale of modern manhood.


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Can one encounter change your view of the world?

Puja Nights

All she wanted was some Bollywood spice...

Some Things Mean Something

A man with learning difficulties believes a poem in a greeting card means something.

Streets in the Sky

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Cities can be the loneliest places to live, but they don't have to be.

The Field

A romantic picnic in an idyllic field goes awry when a couple find themselves unable to leave.

Up on the Roof

A young truant's rooftop haven is threatened when the girl he's always loved comes looking for help.

Wasps Nest

Can an elderly man survive when worlds collide in this sharp tale of natural justice?


Full film available

What on earth is living in our nature reserve?!


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