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Microwave projects

Microwave projects

2014-15 development slate

Stage 3 – Commissioned

Yaw Basoah (producer) and Faye Gilbert (writer and director) - Kill Her Witch


Hugo Godwin (producer) and Sebastian Godwin (writer and director) - The Visitor

The Visitor

Stage 2 – Further development

Patrick Dickinson (writer and director) and Sophie Venner (producer) - The Blue House

The Blue House

Rafael Kapelinski, Greer Ellison, Merlin Merton, David Braithwaite the team behind Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

Johnny Kenton (writer and director) - Night Dances

Night Dances

Liam Creighton (director) and Ayndrilla Singharay (writer) - Punishment


Stage 1 – Development

Nico Mensinga (writer) Peter Mackie Burns (director) Valentina Brazzini and Tristan Goligher (producers) - Daphne's Inferno


Bennet McGhee (co-producer), Adam Randall (director) and James Condon (writer) - Engaged


Yvonne Isimeme Ibazebo (producer) and Wendy Okoi-Obuli (writer) - The New Thirty

The New Thirty

Stephen Smith (producer), Nour Wazzi (director), Ruth Pickett (writer) - The Opposite of Everything

The Opposite of Everything

Rachel Wardlow (producer) and Ruth Ivo (writer and director) - Punch


Dieudonnée Burrows (producer) and Keir Burrows (writer and director) - Worm


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