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The Hungry

About the film

Tulsi Joshi is a single mother seeking revenge for the brutalities committed against her family. The target? Tathagat Ahuja, a ruthless corporate tycoon, and his picture-perfect family. The venue? His son's wedding on the family's opulent estate outside Delhi.

Based on Shakespeare's 'Titus Andronicus', The Hungry follows Tulsi into this colourful den of corruption and false celebrations, where, with each passing hour, her murderous desires to get even are battled by her own humanity and compassion. But she isn't the only one at the wedding with an appetite for vengeance and as the festivities continue, Tulsi must decide how much more she is willing to lose in order to see her plan through to the very end.

The Hungry premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, with its European premiere at BFI London Film Festival and Asian premiere at Mumbai Film Festival.

From the director

"As one of Shakespeare's lesser-known works, Titus Andronicus is probably best known for its scenes of decapitations, dismemberments and of course, cannibalism. It's an unapologetically manic dissection of basic instincts that might be difficult to stomach.

But inside that unfettered mania, there is poetry and nuance and complexity that Tanaji, Kurban and I look forward to translating onscreen. We've taken Shakespeare's arch villain Tamora and turned her into our heroine Tulsi, who finds her desire to avenge one son's death in direct conflict with her desire to keep her other son alive as she navigates all the drama, pomp and circumstance of a fabulous Indian wedding." 

Meet the team


Bornila ChatterjeeWriter director Bornila Chatterjee


Bornila Chatterjee is a writer and filmmaker who divides her time between Brooklyn and Calcutta. Bornila's debut film Let's Be Out, The Sun Is Shining premiered at the 2012 New York Indian Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award and its lead Lipica Shah was nominated in the Best Actress category. From 2010 to 2013, Bornila was the Managing Director of Stonestreet Studios, a screen acting school and advanced conservatory in the Department of Drama at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Bornila was one of eight writers selected for the 2011 JT3 Foundation For Young People in the Arts/Writers Guild of America East Foundation Mentorship Program held in New York. She is a 2014 fellow of the Sundance Institute/Mumbai Mantra Screenwriters Lab and holds a BFA in Film and Television from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.



Tanaji DasguptaWriter producer Tanaji Dasgupta


Tanaji Dasgupta is a producer, filmmaker and actor based in Mumbai and Calcutta, India. He is the writer and producer of The Hungry. As a producer, he is also developing Nuclear Hearts (written and directed by Bornila Chatterjee, co-produced by OddJoint, India and Dolce Vita Films, France). From 2011 to 2014, he was the Executive Producer of OddJoint (formerly called Overdose Joint), an independent film production company headed by Q, the acclaimed director of Gandu and Brahman Naman. Tanaji is the executive producer of Ludo (dir: Q, Nikon/2015), Kajarya (dir: Madhureeta Anand/2013) and Tasher Desh (dir: Q/2012). He has worked as the line producer on Sold, directed by Oscar-winner Jeffrey D Brown, 2014) and as the assistant director on Chittagong (dir: Bedabrata Pain/2012), The Waiting City (dir: Claire McCarthy, 2009) and The Japanese Wife (dir: Aparna Sen, 2010).



Kurban KassamWriter producer Kurban Kassam


Kurban graduated from the National Film and Television School, where he won the Christie Award for outstanding contribution and completed the Magic Light/Skillset Producer Placement Scheme in 2010. This was followed by his first feature as an associate producer, Ginger & Rosa, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2012 and was nominated for three BIFAs. He then joined Pulse Films line producing Who is Dayani Cristal?, winner of the Cinematography Award at Sundance 2013, then 20,000 Days on Earth, which won Best Direction and Best Editing awards at Sundance 2014, followed by The Possibilities Are Endless. He has recently co-produced The Pass, with former BAFTA chairman Duncan Kenworthy. Kurban also works for Rainmark Films developing television projects. His short films have screened regularly at major international festivals and won major awards, including Split Screen: A Love Story and Orbit Ever After, a 2014 BAFTA-nominated short.



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