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Filming in London

Filming in London

Freemasons' Hall

Image of Freemason's Hall

The London headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England offers some remarkable filming opportunities. The majestic Grand Temple, sweeping halls and staircases and grandiose function rooms with polished floors and art deco features have provided striking backdrops to many film and television productions.

Freemasons' Hall has been transformed into a Madrid Museum for Muppets Most Wanted, a Baghdad palace forGreen Zone starring Matt Damon and, perhaps most unusually, John Malkovich's temple on the planet Viltvodle VI in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Built in 1920s and 1930s, the Hall has retained many of its original features, making it an attractive location for period films and television dramas, including Agatha Christie's PoirotShackletonSherlock Holmes and Parade's End.

SpyHustleNew Tricks and Whitechapel have also filmed here, and it is famously recognisable as Spook's MI5 headquarters.

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