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Filming in London

Filming in London

Make Sure It's Legal

There are different rules surrounding shooting buildings and people. But whatever or whoever you're filming; you need to make sure it is legal.

What to consider when filming people

What to consider when filming bulildings

You need to have insurance

All productions, international and domestic, need proof of Public Liability Insurance in order to receive permission to film or carry out commercial photography.

This Insurance covers the legal responsibilities of your production if your activities cause injury to a third party or damage to property. You should obtain a policy in the earliest stages of pre-production and maintain it until the completion of all post-production activities.

The policy can also be extended to include contingent motor liability for vehicles hired with drivers, and employees' own vehicles.

How much cover do you need?

As a general rule you will be required to have a minimum of £2 million cover for street filming and photography. In some areas you will be required to have at least £5 million.

The amount of cover required varies depending on:

  • The size of your production
  • The location you will be using
  • What the filming or photography will entail

Check with the location owners or the relevant Borough Film Service or local authority to find out exactly how much cover is required.

Are you a student? If your project is part of your course, you should be covered by your college or university. You will need to supply confirmation from your college or university to this effect.

Not based in the UK?

To be insured by a UK insurance company the production company must be based in the UK.

If you are not a UK film-maker you may be able to obtain insurance through a broker in the country in which you are based, but you will need to get this document translated into English.

Non-UK policies will not be accepted in all locations, so you should check with the location owner or relevant Borough Film Service what their insurance requirements are before obtaining a policy.

Don't forget - health and safety is essential to an efficiently run shoot. If you do not adhere to Health & Safety regulations your insurance policy may become invalidated.

Find an insurance company

Download a basic list of media insurers

You need to meet National Minimum Wage regulations

If you intend to employ volunteers, unpaid workers or offer work experience opportunities please ensure that you are familiar with the National Minimum Wage regulations.

Employment Flowchart

Be aware of your statutory obligations

Download the Code of Practice and read the relevant obligations closely to ensure that you operate within the law:

Download the Code of Practice for Location Filming

You might need a child performance licence

If you are filming with children of compulsory school age it is important that you check whether the actor will require a Child Performance Licence. Find out about Child Performance Licences

Download borough contacts for Child Peformance Licences

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