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Filming in London

Filming in London

Working with the police

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The Metropolitan Police Service Film Unit (MPSFU) provides a single point of contact for filming requests requiring police assistance across the capital.

It is essential that you contact the MPSFU if you are featuring:

  • Fake police or military vehicles
  • Fake police or military uniforms
  • Re-creation of crimes
  • Nudity or perceived nudity
  • Use of firearms or weapons (to include prop/replica firearms and starting pistols in interior or exterior locations)
  • Filming on the move with tracking vehicles, low loaders, A-frames or vehicle body-mounted cameras

Find out more on the Met Police Service Film Unit website.

If you provide the MPSFU with all of the relevant information it should prevent any unnecessary police interventions.

If there are stunts taking place or management of traffic flow is needed then police supervision will likely be required.

Find more on police fees and MPS intellectural property.


For further information, please contact:

Steve Dixon
Tel: 0203 054 5555
Mob: 07880 022 657

MPS Intellectual Property - Kyri Pitsillides
Tel: 020 7161 3314

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Filming on the Move

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