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Training & Travel Bursaries

Members of Film Hub London can access a range of funding and training opportunities designed to help achieve the Hub's aim of expanding cinema provision and engagement across the capital.

Training, accommodation and travel bursaries

Bursary guidelines

Film Hub London Bursary Scheme is designed to enable staff and volunteers of member organisations to enhance their professional development for the benefit of themselves, their organisation and the wider Hub network, with the ultimate aim of broadening audiences and boosting audience choice. 

With limited resources available for training and professional development, we are looking to maximise the benefit of support when deciding awards. Applications should therefore set out the practical legacy of supported activity, in addition to the professional development of individual participants. For example, will participation develop new knowledge and skills that can be shared or used within your organisation and/or the wider Hub network? 

Who can apply for a bursary?

Staff Members and volunteers of Film Hub London Member organisations.

Applicants that have not previously received support through the bursary scheme will take priority over previous awardees.

We are unlikely to support:

  • a previous bursary recipient to take part in the same activity more than once
  • more than one person per organisation to participate in a particular development opportunity.

However, if you can make a strong case for support in these circumstances your application will be considered.

What kind of activity can a bursary support?

We wish to see applications for activities that will enhance your professional development, benefit your organisation and the wider Hub network. This can include attending training courses, conferences, meetings, festivals, screenings and fact-finding visits to other organisations.

How much can I apply for?

Between £50 and £500; Film Hub London can fund up to 70% of fees and 50% of travel and accommodation. Bursary funds are in high demand so please only apply for the amount you require.

Applying for a bursary

Applications can be made on a rolling basis but we do not accept retrospective applications.

You should submit your bursary request at least 4 weeks before the intended activity takes place. We may consider your request within a shorter timescale but you should write to us separately seeking our advice on this before you submit your application.

When requesting a bursary, please ensure you set out clearly how the activity will benefit you, your organisation and the wider Hub network and how it meets our priorities as outlined below.

Decision making

Decisions on allocating bursary funding will be made by a senior member of FHLO staff. Please bear in mind that demand for bursaries generally outstrips available resources and as such we will not always be able to offer support to everyone or to the level requested. We will give priority to those requests that most closely fit our priorities.

Priorities for support

(a) We will prioritise support for attendance at events / training that address the BFI2022 priorities, which are: 

  • Young audiences
  • Diverse and underserved audiences
  • Screen Heritage
  • Maximising audience choice and deepening cultural engagement

(b) We also wish to use our Bursary Scheme to support the BFI Diversity Standards by:

  • enabling people/ organisations from under-represented groups to access training and professional development opportunities;
  • broadening the range of films available to audiences with diverse narratives, casts, crew and places depicted;
  • promoting training and professional development opportunities that will help to develop under-served or disadvantaged audiences (including ways of improving access for disabled audiences). 

(c) The UK has on offer a rich array of film festivals, screening events, conferences and training opportunities. Many of these are organised by FAN members, providing great opportunities for learning, profile raising and relationship building. We will prioritise attendance at activities that contribute to this vibrant UK scene.

(d) FAN funding is drawn from the National Lottery good causes and as such we wish to ensure there is a clear public value from our investment.  We will therefore give priority to those requests that we believe offer best value for money. 

Other priorities for support: organisations based in the Outer Boroughs.

In summary, the strongest applications will be those that in the view of the FHLO, clearly establish:

(a) a strategic fit with BFI2022 and Hub priorities;

(b) support for BFI Diversity Standards;

(c) the specific benefits of supported activity and its likely legacy for your organisation and the wider Hub network;

(d) value for money.

A bursary can cover fees, travel and accommodation costs. All costs covered by the bursary will have to be confirmed with original receipts. 

If my application is successful, how do I access bursary support?

Applications are reviewed at the end of each month and we will endeavour to get back to applicants in the first few days of the following month

If your application is successful, you will be required to report back to the Hub on the training using this feedback form. The bursary will be paid on completion of the course following production of valid receipts and a signed Acceptance of Offer letter.

What information about the training or professional development activity will I need to supply after I’ve attended?

Everyone is required to submit a feedback form with their claim for payment, including a report of up to 500 words. We may publish this report in order to disseminate useful information and to promote best practice more widely. Reports will be published and shared anonymously unless you consent to the use of your name and organisation details for this express purpose.

Read reports from past bursary recipients who attended:

Download the guidelines as a PDF document

Download the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Apply for a training and travel bursary

(Training & Travel scheme is temporarily suspended. Please bear with us while we update the registration form, and check back soon. Apologies for any inconvenience caused; if you have any questions, please email

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