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Capture: Know Your Audience

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Delivered by The Audience Agency, Capture: Know Your Audience is a research and analysis project that provides exhibitors with the tools needed to start researching their audiences.

Understanding your audience is key to successful programming and promotion - it helps you better serve the audiences you already have, and identify opportunities to reach out to communities currently underrepresented.

The programme offers a comprehensive introduction to audience analysis and data collection, as well as providing workshops on how you can maximise the benefits of the information you collect.

The 2015 year-long data collection project is still in process.

Read the report from Autumn 2013

How it works

As part of a pilot project, the Audience Agency worked with 12 exhibitors representing 21 cinema sites across London. Together, they produced a list of the key information you need to know about your audiences in order to support planning, fundraising, reporting, advocacy and marketing.

From this, they devised a series of standardised audience survey questions, which were made available to participating exhibitors so that they could:

  • Carry out face to face research of their visitors, using either your own staff or volunteers and provide this data to the Audience Agency
  • Have access to a series of audience benchmark reports, produced by the Audience Agency from this data - enabling you to understand how your audiences compare to others.
  • Receive support and advice from the Audience Agency to enable you to apply the findings and make the most of what you have learnt about your audiences