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Cultivate Training

What Cultivate covers

The only course of its kind, Cultivate is a UK-wide training programme for exhibitors looking to inspire the next generation of cinema-goers.

Cultivate offers presentations and discussions around a broad range of topics. Learn how to:

  • Navigate the primary and secondary curriculum
  • Inspire young people
  • Programme suitable films
  • Develop study guides
  • Be safe and compliant
  • Engage a range of audiences, stakeholders and partners

It also offers attendees from across the country the rare opportunity to share best practice, ask each other questions and generate ideas.

Why it's important

A comprehensive film education programme extends a venue or festival's reach, encourages community links and strengthens industry infrastructure.

Aimed at Film Education Officers and Audience Development Officers as well as Festival Programmers and Coordinators who have responsibility for programming screenings and film education events, Cultivate:

  • Provides comprehensive training on developing film education programmes for cinemas, film festivals and rural cinema initiatives
  • Gives participants the skills and confidence to facilitate sessions with young people, and the tools to measure their success
  • Demonstrates how a film education programme can contribute to the development of a broad range of audiences for venues and festivals
  • Encourages growth in the film education sector
  • Helps participants develop career progression routes and formal training opportunities in the sector
  • Recognises the role film educators play in specialised film exhibition

See the full 2016 programme

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"My experience of Cultivate has been incredible. There's an awful lot of information crammed into a very entertaining three-day programme. I deliver my festival on a voluntary basis so it's nice to feel supported in a way, meeting all these people that encounter the same issues and get to reflect in the same way."

Chris Nunn, Screen Test Festival Director, 2013 Cultivate Participant

"Building film education as a profession with standards and good practice is something that Film London are really well placed to do and it provides the ideal forum for the organisation I work for to deliver targeted audience development training in a film context."

Helen Ball, The Audience Agency, 2012 Cultivate tutor

Cultivate: Inspiring Future Audiences is presented by Film London and supported by Creative Skillset. Additional support from Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.

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