Creative connections that transform

Jasmine Lewisham

Sisters Hayley and Jasmine don't want to be apart, but Hayley has to leave or they'll never survive.

Meconium Haringey

Lorna is in labour and Owain's the only one who can help. Has he got what it takes when life gets messy?

Fetch! Kensington and Chelsea

Beatrice calls the shots but can Luca really deliver a dead man?

Victims Hammersmith and Fulham

When a local journalist arrives on a council estate to present a disabled, have-a-go hero with a Bravery Award, she inadvertently uncovers a tragic secret.

Wavelengths Lambeth

“You’re listening to the Graham Conway Show”

Walk Tall Waltham Forest

No sponsorship, one kidney, tuberculosis, a broken back...all set for the London Olympics...1948

Jimmy Will Play Redbridge

A Pakistani mother living a new life in London needs to raise money to buy her football-fanatic son, Jimmy, a pair of football boots.

Moments Barking and Dagenham

One of those moments that may stay with you for the rest of your life

What You Looking At?! Southwark

A woman in a burkha and a drag queen get trapped in a lift - and realise they have more in common than they thought.

Long Distance Information Wandsworth

Father always told us “never talk to strangers” … But surely we have to phone home sometimes?

Rule Number Three Enfield

A young couple communicate through a game of Scrabble. Initially expressing affection, the words descend into darker territory.

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