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About the film

Barefaced is a fast-paced caper exploring themes of racial prejudice.  Mike, recently out of prison and under pressure to financially support his young family, resorts to robbing banks disguised as a black man - with his two month old baby as his accomplice.

Mike's desperate actions cause havoc in the community when one of his friends is arrested for the crime. Tensions rise as people feel they are being unfairly targeted and Mike is torn between wanting a quiet life and wanting to rescue his friend. His final scheme is the perfect solution but will he be able to get away, keep his girl and repair the damage done?

From the director

"Barefaced is about Mike, a young flawed East London career criminal on parole who wants to stop doing crime, to make it up to Nadine, the love of his life, and his baby daughter Evie. Mike realises that life outside crime is not easy as he gets trapped in a vicious cycle of debt. While trying to free himself and his family from a merciless loan shark, Mike secretly gets back into crime, causing hilarious scenes that cause havoc in his community. I am inspired to explore the consequences of Mike's ingenious crime and how that affects his personal and external world.  To create a powerful action comedy infused with contemporary grime and rap beats. It's Kung Fu Hustle meets Shifty. I want the audience to be thrilled, laughing their hearts out as Mike takes them on a special journey in discovering the grit and grind of East London life."

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Meet the team


Chester YangDirector Chester Yang


Chester grew up surrounded by the turmoil of civil war in Sierra Leone and the nightmare of various gangsters. Chester joined an outreach theatre company as an actor and director to educate and entertain the population. In 1996, the civil conflict engulfed the entire nation. Chester escaped the bloodbath to the UK. In 2000, Chester discovered the potential of filmmaking when he trained and made his first short film. In 2006, he graduated from the National Film and Television School to work on several short films. The passion to understand his world leads him to dedicate his life in telling the untold stories, to providing a unique voice, to entertain and inspire. In 2011, he founded CY Film Productions to produce groundbreaking films Like War Matters and Kettling of the Voices, which have been nominated for awards and shown at film festivals in the UK and around the world. 



David CornwallWriter David Cornwall

First time writer David is a 15-year veteran of the media industry and now runs a documentary distribution company. He came across the story of a white man who robbed banks disguised as a black man a couple of years ago and has been fascinated by the story ever since. He wanted to bring the tale to multicultural London where people have friends of many backgrounds but sometimes have to take drastic steps to bring themselves up. He saw it as a tale of redemption and social commentary infused with the humour of an East London community. Barefaced will make you laugh, cry and provoke thought about the common struggles of the disenfranchised in society.




Bayo Awolaja Producer Bayo Awolaja


Bayo is an award-winning Producer.  He wrote and produced docu-drama The Human Face of War for International Committee Red Cross (ICRC) and the Nigerian Army, and has produced several documentaries, TV commercials and live-action shows for the BBC, Channel 4, IBST Media Nig, ESPN, Coca-Cola, CCTV China and the BBC Wales/Sgrin Digital Visions-winning documentary Queen of Llanrumney. Bayo is currently developing a slate of documentary and fiction films which will bring a fresh perspective to storytelling that cross frontiers, including Kung Fu Hustle-meets-Shifty action comedy drama Barefaced and Tatti, an animation eco-fantasy family action comedy feature based on a novel by Pamela Edwardes.



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