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British Film Commission at AFCI 2013

The British Film Commission (BFC) has named Virgin Atlantic as a new official partner at the Association of Film Commissioners International Locations Show in Los Angeles. The UK has a strong presence at the event, with the BFC and Film London in attendance.
Date posted: 26.06.2013

London UK Film Focus 2013

Film London’s annual export event celebrates its 10th year, attracting international buyers, festival programmers and distributors to view and acquire the best of recent British cinema.
Date posted: 25.06.2013

Audience on Demand Projects Announced

12 projects have been selected for Film London’s new innovative three month training programme addressing the changing face of feature film distribution.
Date posted: 24.06.2013

Cutting East Film Festival

Funded through Film London’s Cultural Film Exhibition Fund, the new youth led programme explores social and cultural issues in East London.
Date posted: 19.06.2013

World War Z

Film London facilitated the Brad Pitt zombie apocalypse film shoot in London and negotiated an exciting community outreach project for young students in Southwark.
Date posted: 18.06.2013

Calling the Tune Film Festival

Funded through Film London’s Community Pilot Fund, the rich screen heritage and potential of the former historic EMI factory in Hayes, Hillingdon, is celebrated with a three-day festival.
Date posted: 18.06.2013

Screen Tourism: A Growing Industry

EuroScreen – a project led by Film London and developed with a partnership of nine organisations across eight regions in the European Union – hosted an event on the benefits and intricacies of film tourism.
Date posted: 17.06.2013

Film London Launches Accessibility Toolkit

Developed by Shape, the disability-led arts charity, Film London has produced an easy to use toolkit providing the agency, its partners and funding recipients with guidance on how to improve communication and engagement with disabled people.
Date posted: 12.06.2013

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013

This year’s Festival kicks off next week, running from 19-30 June. In addition to screenings and awards, it will also host an exciting 10-day industry programme including events from Film London.
Date posted: 12.06.2013

Refugee Youth Project

Funded through Film London’s Community Pilot Fund, a new film exhibition project increases social and creative opportunities for young refugees and asylum seekers in North West London.
Date posted: 12.06.2013

Good People in London

Starring James Franco and Kate Hudson and directed by Henrik Genz (The Killing), the thriller Good People starts shooting in the UK and on location in the capital.
Date posted: 03.06.2013

Web app unlocks the UK’s rich screen heritage

Relive the nationwide celebrations that marked the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953, via the National Archive Weekly calendar featuring content from London’s Screen Archives.
Date posted: 03.06.2013

Image of Dorset Estate

Dorset Estate in McDonalds advert

Our location of the month is Dorset Estate, appearing in the latest McDonalds advertisement
Date posted: 01.06.2013

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