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UK Jewish Film Festival 2008

This 12 day festival (8 and 20 November), supported by Film London’s Audience Development Fund, takes place at venues across the capital.
Date posted: 31.10.2008

Market Place: Apply Now!

New industry entrants have the opportunity to take part in a unique six-month placement programme
Date posted: 27.10.2008

Film London News Bulletin - 27 October 2008

LFF | Market Place | London on Film | My Winnipeg | The Genome Chronicles | Film Street | PULSE | Nobody's Perfect | British Creative Exchange | GSMA | IWM | KYTN | LFS | Kenneth Anger | Night of the Demon | Jack Brooks | Extended Deadlines
Date posted: 27.10.2008

The First World War On Film

Visit the Imperial War Museum for rare screenings of archive footage and to enjoy a series of talks marking the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War
Date posted: 24.10.2008

London on Film

Fascinated by film-making facts? Then find out more about activity in the capital’s boroughs
Date posted: 22.10.2008

Film London News Bulletin - 20 October 2008

The Times BFI 52nd London Film Festival | Afro Saxons | Women in Film and Television | Exhibitors' Surgery | Africa Educational Trust | Film London Guidelines | Blindness | Newham | Film London Internships | Filth and Wisdom
Date posted: 20.10.2008

Afro Saxons at the Cinema

New documentary, supported by Film London’s Black Film Exhibition Publicity Fund, releases in cinemas today
Date posted: 17.10.2008

Film London News Bulletin - 13 October 2008

London Loves | Camden's Black History Season | Family Film Challenge | Future Shorts | Año Uña | Programming Specialised and Archive Film | Bigga Than Ben | Ken Loach | Actors Themselves | Curzon Midnight Movies
Date posted: 13.10.2008

London Loves

For the fifth year running, as part of The Times BFI 52nd London Film Festival programme, Film London is hosting free screenings of rare films in Trafalgar Square
Date posted: 13.10.2008

B68:08 Black History Season

40 years of local and international black history will be explored as part of Camden's Black History Season
Date posted: 10.10.2008

Fundraising Strategy Training

If you’re looking to develop a funding strategy for your organisation then sign up now for Film London’s training day
Date posted: 10.10.2008

Family Film Challenge Follow Up

Fun was had by all on the South Bank, in celebration of the 'Cultural Olympiad'
Date posted: 06.10.2008

Download the South Bank Movie Trail

Discover more about the South Bank with Film London’s latest movie map
Date posted: 06.10.2008

Film London News Bulletin - 06 October 2008

Location Manager Training | Power to the Pixel | Anatomy of a Reel | What's in a Film | Film Print Provision | Roxy Bar & Screen | 52nd Times BFI London Film Festival
Date posted: 06.10.2008

Learning Curve in Location Management

Applications are now open for Assistant Location Manager Training
Date posted: 03.10.2008

Power to the Pixel 2008

The digital distribution and film innovation forum, in association with The Times BFI London Film Festival, takes place 22 – 23 October
Date posted: 02.10.2008

Image of Tricycle Theatre

The Tricycle Theatre in Bigga Than Ben

Our Location of the Month is The Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn, featured in Bigga Than Ben
Date posted: 01.10.2008

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