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Theatrical Distribution for Microwave Films

Deals with Revolver Entertainment and Metrodome Distribution confirm success of this unique micro-budget film-making scheme
Date posted: 29.08.2008

Film London News Bulletin - 29 August 2008

Microwave | Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day | London Through a Lens | Beyond the Frame | Funky Flamingo TV | London International Animation Festival | Doc/Fest | Unrelated | Microwave
Date posted: 29.08.2008

Film London News Bulletin - 22 August 2008

PULSE | London Borough Film Fund | Think-Shoot-Distribute | Portobello Film Festival | Toronto | Elefest | Exhibitors' Surgery | Birds Eye | The Production Guild | The Met Film School | Linha De Passe
Date posted: 22.08.2008

Portobello Film Festival 2008

The 2008 festival, supported by Film London’s Audience Development Fund, premieres over 700 new films
Date posted: 20.08.2008

Think-Shoot-Distribute 2008

Applications welcomed from experienced and emerging film-makers seeking to develop their feature film career
Date posted: 19.08.2008

Challenging Local Talent

The London Borough Film Fund Challenge supports five film fund partnerships which currently represent a total of 15 London boroughs
Date posted: 15.08.2008

Film London News Bulletin - 15 August 2008

London House | Borough Film Funds | Microwave Surgeries | Audience Development Fund | Young Screen Entrepreneur | Training Seminars | The Dark Knight | The ENO | Little Box of Sweets | Barbara Broccoli | The Duchess
Date posted: 15.08.2008

Beijing Calling

Trade Mission to China during 2008 Olympics showcases the wealth of London’s film expertise
Date posted: 11.08.2008

Film London News Bulletin - 08 August 2008

Coming Up | Audience Development Fund | Mediabox | BFI on Youtube | Vision Awards | Roxy | The Mayor's Thames Festival | Liberty | Park Nights | Vacancies
Date posted: 08.08.2008

Apply Now: Small Grants Programme 2008/9

The Film London Audience Development Fund Small Grants Programme is once again open for applications
Date posted: 04.08.2008

Film London News Bulletin - 01 Aug 2008

Love Does Grow on Trees | The Conch Awards | The Dark Knight | Initialize films Lab | BFI & BAFTA Events | ACP | Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince | Somers Town
Date posted: 01.08.2008

Image of William Booth Memorial College

William Booth Memorial College in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Our location of the month is William Booth Memorial College, featured in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Date posted: 01.08.2008

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