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Film London News Bulletin - 30 March 2007

Company Placement Scheme | Pinewood Shepperton | Rushes | Current TV | TVYP | Arista | Tim Burton | Mr Bean's Holiday | 28 Weeks Later
Date posted: 30.03.2007

TV for the Internet Generation

Current TV brings interactive television in the digital revolution to a new audience
Date posted: 27.03.2007

Company Placement Scheme - Apply Now

Film London’s Company Placement Scheme is now open for applications. Seven placements are available
Date posted: 26.03.2007

Film London News Bulletin - 23 March 2007

CobraVision | The Roxy | Beautiful South | The Skillset TV Freelance Fund | Euzhan Palcy | Recycling | TV Workshops | Focal | TimeShift | YouTube | The EveryMan | RePossessed | Vacancies
Date posted: 23.03.2007

CobraVision Returns: Bigger, Better and Uncut

The CobraVision short film-making competition returns for a third year in a new and exciting format
Date posted: 22.03.2007

Adventures in Recycling

Studio Artois, Channel 4, and the BRITDOC festival present a new film-making competition about recycling
Date posted: 21.03.2007

Skillset TV Freelance Fund

Applications are currently being sought from training providers to support CPD programmes
Date posted: 21.03.2007


TimeShift, funded by Equal, Skillset and the UKFC, brings a flexible working initiative to freelancers
Date posted: 20.03.2007

Film London News Bulletin - 19 March 2007

Move on Up | ITV Local | Breakthrough | Mediabox | The European Week of Media and Diversity | Festivals | Offcuts | Osterley Park | Vacancy
Date posted: 19.03.2007

ITV Local London

The launch of ITV Local London brings a ground-breaking broadband-based local TV channel to the capital
Date posted: 15.03.2007

Move on Up

Film London supports BECTU ‘Move on Up’ initiative for ethnic minority film and TV professionals
Date posted: 12.03.2007

Film London News Bulletin - 9 March 2007

BFFS Awards | Business of Interactive Media | British Creative Exchange event | LLGFF homestays | Lighthouse training | Microdocs | Skillset's Writers’ Training Scheme | BSC show | Tube Night
Date posted: 09.03.2007

British Creative Exchange

The British Creative Exchange event brings a series of programmes to venues across London
Date posted: 08.03.2007

Tube Night

Robert Elms takes BBC Four viewers on a thrilling and mysterious adventure through tube history
Date posted: 05.03.2007

The Business of Interactive Media

Complete a simple survey about interactive media and help shape the future of this industry
Date posted: 02.03.2007

Film London News Bulletin - 2 March 2007

Academy Awards | London shot | Film-makers' Festival Fund | The First Light Awards | Kara Miller | Shortwave | Tongues on Fire | BFI and HP | Metropolitan Film School | Conversation in Film | Current TV | Film London on Location | Run Fat Boy Run
Date posted: 02.03.2007

Film London on Location

Catch the free Film London on Location exhibition at City Hall until 8 March
Date posted: 01.03.2007

Fierce Winner

Fast Break picks up Best Drama at the First Light Awards ceremony in London
Date posted: 01.03.2007

Image of Osterley Park

Osterley Park in Amazing Grace

Our location of the month is Osterley Park, featured in Amazing Grace
Date posted: 01.03.2007

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