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LDA announces acquisition of 3 Mills

The London Development Agency has bought 3 Mills Studios, one of the UK’s leading film and television studios, as part of its drive to support and develop London’s creative industries.
Date posted: 30.07.2007

A Throw of Dice

A free open air screening with live musical accompaniment will take place on 30 August as part of the India Now season
Date posted: 27.07.2007

Film London News Bulletin - 27 July 2007

The Summer of British Film | A Throw of Dice | British Economy | Rushes Soho Shorts Festival | Mediabox Awardees | Summer Screen | Bond | Digital Deli | 2 Days Later | Yoga Noga Reyoga | New Music Shorts Competition | Skillset Training | Atonement
Date posted: 27.07.2007

Architecture on Location

Catch the first in a series of discussions on the history of architecture in film on Sunday 25 November
Date posted: 27.07.2007

The Summer of British Film

Watch classic British films on the big screen and make your own mini movie, taking inspiration from your favourite British films
Date posted: 26.07.2007

Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2007

Feast yourself on summer shorts at this year’s Rushes Festival
Date posted: 25.07.2007

Skillset Training

Skillset have launched a series of new training schemes aimed at freelancers and new talent
Date posted: 25.07.2007

Film London News Bulletin - 20 July 2007

India Now | O2 Commercial | Location of the Month | Animate Commissions | Native Spirit Festival | Black Urbanism | UK Screen Heritage | Mediatheque | Farewell Routemaster DVD | Eastern Promises | The Golden Compass
Date posted: 20.07.2007

Do the O2

Catch the latest O2 commercial showing a giant bubble bouncing through and above the streets of London
Date posted: 19.07.2007

Re-emerging Spirit

A second chance to catch some of the Native Spirit Festival highlights (19 - 21 July)
Date posted: 17.07.2007

India Now in London

A three-month season of festivities exploring India’s culture and rapidly growing economy will commence in London on 17 July.
Date posted: 16.07.2007

Film London News Bulletin - 13 July 2007

The Bobs | London Borough Film Fund Challenge | MyMovie Mashup | Harry Potter | Digital Screen Network | Film London Production Finance Market | Audience Monitoring Training | Fierce Productions | NPA | Bigga Than Ben
Date posted: 13.07.2007

Film London News Bulletin - 6 July 2007

Audience Development Fund | London Exhibitors' Forum | Four Corners | Mediabox | Light 'Em Up | Talent Lab | 3 Mills Studios | Bourne Ultimatum
Date posted: 06.07.2007

Surfing the Main Unit

Find out how two film-makers utilised the 28 Weeks Later locations as a backdrop for their own series of shorts
Date posted: 04.07.2007

Image of The Millennium Bridge scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The River Thames in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Our location of the month is the River Thames, featured in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Date posted: 01.07.2007

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